Indomie is not good to eat many per day. Any advises?

Regarding to the corona situation in Bali, i'm interested about Indo mie. Many people talk about it's not good to eat many per day. Any advises?

Some people said Indomie has too much salt. If you read the ingredients list on back of the packet, you will now whether it's not good or not for you.

Kindly eating healthy food. Indomie is only for emergency only in case middle of nite you are hungry. It is not good to take everyday....once a week it is ok.

 It’s not good if you eat it everyday
But you can always add veggies, eggs etc to add Nutrition

you can eat indomie only once for a day many msg and could make gartritis...

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1x / week is enough. Eat with protein, usually as Indonesian we eat with egg. Put some vegetables as well.

Well,it is not good to eat it often but man,i just can't stop especially when it's raining or in the middle of the night

Its not good but it taste really good

 It is better than starving , plan it in you're diet, not 3 times a day, you will survive

Healthy is a matter of view. What’s d different with pizza or burger or any other fast food including street food. Anything too much is bad after all. Eat in moderation. Just try it

I wont arguing about healthy or not for Indomie (or other brand) noodle. Foods have two side...kill or gave you life too!
44yo and im healthy only can give you suggestions what is the best way to serve great Noddles.
1. Fried rice mix with Indomie Salted egg fried taste is the best one...dont forget to fries roller egg and slice it and lay it on top of it. Yummy....
2. Special chicken and fried union is the best one amongst noodle soup variants... don't believe with other variants which their new taste...its getting weirdly and so salty recently.......dont forget to fries roller egg and slice it and lay it on top of it. Yummy....2!
3. Never take it when its NEVER!!!!

Definitely not good at all having indomie everyday, once a week ok but maybe better try to not eating often indomie so many cases in indo people get sick cus too much MSG and etc why don’t you just eat healthy food and fresh , vegetables and fruit cheap and healthy.

Indomie is good during this crisis, avoid those rumours. Many people that struggling living in the kost still alive until now, even they often take indomie


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