How is the situation for Corona in bali? - Who’s traveling nextweek? Is bali safe to visit espisially there is some case of corona virus in Indonesia?

Bali is extremely safe to travel to right now.

Its just sad what media can do to people, everybody just.ignore influenza for decades, but a new virus + media hype and the world is upside down. You now that everybody can also get influenza everywhere in the world. Stop panic because of a light flu. Whats wrong with people?!

a lot of media hype and if your healthy and wash your hands frequently use hand sanitizer all should be well. The Balinese need the tourists to keep coming they will be being extra vigilant with cleanliness at airports etc. Take your own 99.9% alcohol wipes to wipe down surfaces if your paranoid like me.

Its not about bali is safe or not, no one can tell where your safety is other than the almighty. But yes, there is a risk that you might get denied in the airport for entry or maybe when you want to leave the country there might be a problem in your own country airport, depending on where you live.

conclusion: So far bali negative case covid-19

Bali is save. No worries. You safe travelling to bali.


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